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News: Battlestar info blast

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Battlestar info blast
Because we love Battlestar like you love Battlestar, we’ve collected together all the latest Galactica information into one big story! SPOILER WARNING.

[10 Aug 2006 10:09am]
Not long now until Battlestar Galactica blasts back on to US screens. The third season kicks off on Friday 6 October and the information about the new shows is leaking fast. Naturally, we need to offer a gigantic SPOILER WARNING to anyone trying to stay clean and info free. In fact, if you’re worried about spoiling anything, we’d advise you to go check out another part of the site.Before we get into the meat of the fresh info (because we know there are folks still reading who are trying to decide if you want to be spoiled or not) a little spoiler-free info: BSG has been nominated for three Emmy awards in the States. The awards – seen by some as the Oscars of telly – will be handed out on 27 August. And Battlestar is up for three, though sadly not in the big acting or dramatic categories. Still, it’s something. The awards it will be competing for are: Outstanding Single-Camera Sound Mixing For A Series category ("Scattered"), Outstanding Costumes For A Series ("Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2") and Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series ("Resurrection Ship, Part 2"). Seems that despite Lost getting the drama nod last year, the Emmy academy is still a little sci-fi shy.

Right then, on to the good stuff. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Ron Moore has been talking to Now Playing magazine about Season Three, including the direction the series will take and some of the major issues to be dealt with. No surprise that the occupation of New Caprica features heavily. “Essentially, early Season Three is going to deal with the Cylon occupation of the Colonials on New Caprica. The sort of archetype that we’re talking about is like Vichy France: There’s a Colonial government run by President Baltar that is collaborating with the Cylons, while the humans put together an insurgent resistance against the occupation.”

But if the idea of a ground-based Galactica isn’t to your taste, fear not – the show will be heading back out into the void again. “We do eventually plan on getting them back out into space, and also another major thing that’s going to happen in the season is we’re going to do an ongoing Cylon story where we’re going to be cutting over to the Cylon world for the first time and running a complete arc within the Cylon arena,” reveals Moore. “It’s still coming together, but the occupation arc will probably be three or four or five episodes... probably four episodes. We’re still kind of stroking out exactly how these kinds of things will fall, but I don’t think it will take quite as long as it took us to wrap up the arc at the beginning of the second season.”

For more of Moore’s thoughts and ideas for the coming season, head over to the full interview HERE.

Meanwhile, the episode titles for the first part of the season – which will again be split into two chunks to allow the production team time to make the show – have now all been released, along with a few scattered plot synopses.

First up is "Occupation", which naturally deals with life on New Caprica under the Cylon rule. But there are also problems on the Cylon side after D’Anna (Lucy Lawless) discovers that Sharon’s hybrid child survived. Following that, we have a run of shows yet to be given plot descriptions – "Precipice", "Exodus Part 1" and "Exodus Part 2", "Collaborators" and "Torn".

"Hero" will focus on Admiral Adama’s dark past, as executive producer David Eick explained recently: “It has to do with a revelation about something truly egregious and illegal that Adama was guilty of doing during the days leading up to the attack, and how he has kept the revelation of that incident from rearing its head. An event transpires that brings it all home with a vengeance, and the ramifications are significant.” Sounds like prime Galactica material.

That’s followed by "The Passage", and "Eye Of Jupiter", which apparently sees the crew land on the desolate planet Algae. That’s followed – according to current details by a second part, "Rapture". And finally, there’s "Taking A Break", which sees a new prisoner captured by the Galactica bods, who suspect he’s a Cylon.

Please bear in mind that as the show is still in production, all titles and synopses are subject to change.

Finally, if you’re bursting to find out what happened during the months-long gap alluded to in the Season Two finale, the SCI FI Channel is planning to plug that knowledge hole with a series of ten Galactica webisodes on its internet channel Pulse. The series will be called Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance and will show some of the events that happened during that time. You’ll be able to find that at the Pulse site HERE. They’re already boasting an interview with Edward James Olmos.

Galactica fans should also be aware that there is an interview with Grace Park in the CURRENT ISSUE of SFX, plus they will be more BSG coverage in the issue out on Wednesday 30 August. Don’t miss it!

Main source: Gateworld

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