Thursday, April 5

Online Encyclopedia Galactica

Encyclopedia Galactica launches:

Encyclopedia Galactica is the first on-line encyclopedia devoted exclusively to the Re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series. It is part of the "HangarDeck5 network"

Much of Encyclopedia Galactica is still currently under construction, with an estimated completion time of circa late May, 2007.

Encyclopedia Galactica is an "on-line encyclopedia" and not really a "wiki", philosophically: EG is not a group project or a "community": it is a complete on-line guide to everything relating to the Battlestar Galactica series created by Ronald D. Moore, which is written entirely by one man, identifying himself only by the letter "V". V is "the guy that runs Encyclopedia Galactica", though some of you may know him by his old screename "The Merovingian"; a disgruntled Star Trek fan who after the decline and fall of Star Trek, hails the BSG writing team (which includes many former DS9 writers) as the saviors of the Science Fiction TV series.

Encyclopedia Galactica will, when completed, be the most accurate guide to the Re-imagined BSG universe known to man: as the saying goes, "the trouble with V is that he knows us better than we do ourselves" :)

Please drop by the main page for Encyclopedia Galactica: http://encyclopediagalactica.prometheusund...title=Main_Page

There are some who would say that trying to single-handedly write an entire exhaustive guide to the Re-imagined BSG is just a lost cause. Well, the following video sums up V's current emotional state *word for word*: Click Here

Meanwhile, read through EG as it develops (mostly the episodes guides at this point, though end-of-year college finals will slow V down somewhat in April), and be sure to check out the rather exhaustive Cast and Crew Q&A that V wrote up (it's an open question as to whether anyone will actually drop by, but V figured "if you build it, they will come") ----->For starters, it does shocking detail....what the "Continuity errors in "Hero" were that RDM did not seem to understand during the Season Finale's "RDM Answers 20 questions" session on

So please stop by, and around late May there will be another "EG is totally finished, and contains the sum total knowledge of all things about the series" party.

The following was V's (The Merovingian, Merv's) alternate choice for Encyclopedia Galactica's front page logo, which reluctantly he decided not to use, however, in his own words it "sums up the ethos of Encyclopedia Galactica *exactly*:

V's logo

"Merv's in his encyclopedia, all's right with the world"

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