Wednesday, February 6

Leah Cairns - official site

Source: Leah Cairns Site

Welcome fans of Leah Cairns! Finally, after being "under construction" for quite some time, Leah Cairns now has her own website. So, what's on this website?

In our "news" section we'll keep you updated with the latest news, convention appearances and interviews published around the globe (please send in anything we don't have up yet!). The "biography" was partly written by Leah herself and we will add some new details as time passes. For the "gallery" Leah provided a large amount of personal photos which I'm sure you'll all enjoy. We hope to add more screencaps of the different films/series Leah starred in (and hope you'll help us with that as well!). In the "gallery" we also plan to start a special section for fanart, so do send in your best material and we'll add a selection. Finally in the "podcast" section we'll offer the chance to get your question answered by Leah Cairns in person. For starters there's also a personal welcome message from Leah for all the fans, so do check that out!

If you go to the "contact" page you'll find all information you need to contact us or Leah Cairns' agent for professional inquiries. Any feedback on the website is also greatly appreciated. I hope you'll all like the website and to hear from you soon. Enjoy!

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