Monday, March 3

Grace Park Q&A

Wizard Universe

The hottest hottie on Battlestar Galactica drops her flight suit and teases Season 4 secrets.

WIZARD: Our last issue named you one of the top five all-time sexiest women on TV. You must think about how hot you are a lot.
[Laughs] Everyday. It’s on my wallpaper all the time. I e-mail love notes to myself. No, I think more like, “Isn’t it nice that people are doing top hundred lists all the time and I happen to be kicking around at the same time.” I think that if people were doing it 10 years from now, I really don’t think that I would be on those lists.

Come on, Grace, you’re the hottest woman on the hottest show on TV!
The thing is that when I look at the show, if I was Tricia [Helfer] who’s always poured into this hot red dress and strutting around in heels all the time, I would feel much more aware of being a sex symbol type. But I’m always in rubber suits, or for a whole year I was in a pair of dirty drawstring pants and a tank top and bare footed.

I’d love to keep asking about your sex appeal, but some of our readers want to know what’s coming up on “BSG” when the show returns in April.
As soon as we see new script outlines, we’re just as rabid trying to find stuff out [as fans]. It’s gotten so secretive that we’re not even allowed to read them! They now keep them at the office on lockdown. But I can tell you that a lot of people are struggling with Kara’s return. [Sharon] is definitely going to try and distance herself from Kara, but she ends up finding herself involved with Kara’s search for Earth.

With “Battlestar” coming to an end, do you plan on taking any “souvenirs” from the set before you wrap?
People have already started taking things. Hera has this adorable mobile above her crib that is made up of Vipers and Raptors. I asked the prop master and he said, “I was hoping that you took it because someone else took it.” I kept hearing how Katee [Sackhoff] and Jamie [Bamber] were going to take [their flight suits] and I was like, “Ah, why not?” [But] I thought that it’d be really uncomfortable to walk back and be like, “Grace, your flight suit is missing. I hope you brought it with you today.”

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