Sunday, April 6

Yes, we have no Podcast

Source: Ron Moore

I know, I know.

I had all this time and I could’ve had the podcast for the first episodes waaaay before now so they’d be there waiting when the fourth season premiered.

But I didn’t.

Somehow, I thought I’d squeeze in a recording session here in Vancouver while I was directing (and the above photo is a iphone shot from my directing chair looking at one of the video monitors just before I called action) but that proved to be a one of my more foolish notions. So the podcast for Ep 1 of the fourth season will have to wait until I get back to LA, which means ya’ll won’t have it until later in the week.


But I’ll be more on time with the rest of them. I promise.

Unless I’m not.

I’ll also try to pound out a few blogs about the directing experience and update you on all things Galactica and Caprica.

Unless I don’t.

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