Wednesday, September 24

Sci-Fi Weekly Site of the Week: Galactica Station

Source: Sci-Fi Weekly

There were those who believed it couldn't be done, but Ron Moore proved the skeptics wrong. For fans of the 1978 version of Battlestar Galactica and new initiates alike, the re-imagined series has been both a surprise and a revelation. Ever since the 2003 miniseries kicked off the new Galactica, it has expanded the scope of the original show without straying from its essence, tackling complex political, moral and religious issues and wowing audiences and reviewers alike. Now, as Galactica nears the end of its fourth and final season, the show that gave viewers human-looking Cylons and a female Starbuck has also spawned games, original webisodes and, of course, a passionately loyal Internet following.

Until those much-awaited Season 4.5 episodes do begin airing in 2009, devotees of the show are left to count down the days at places like Galactica Station, a spoilers- and photo-rich Web community where fans can gather to chat about the show and exchange anything from news and opinions to original Galactica-themed fiction and artwork. The site's blog has articles on all things BSG: the scoop on Katee Sackhoff's next acting job (not, sadly, in a sci-fi series), information about upcoming TV movies and the spinoff pilot Caprica—even a link to a CNN article that examines the linguistic inroads the word "frak" has made into mainstream American English.

Galactica Station also has episode guides, screen grabs, actor biographies, webisode transcripts and wallpaper. Its discussion forum, Ragnar Anchorage, is a busy and well-moderated community of enthusiastic viewers. Well-informed and utterly thorough as it tracks Galactica rumors through the noise of cyberspace, this site will keep appetites whetted for the final adventures of the imperiled survivors of the Twelve Colonies and their implacable Cylon pursuers.

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