Friday, March 20

Battlestar Galactica Ends Tonight

Source: Buddy TV

After a miniseries, four seasons, three webisodes sweries and a TV movie, Battlestar Galactica comes to an end tonight. The critically-acclaimed Sci Fi Channel series airs its series finale tonight at 9pm in a special two hour and 11 minute installment (so make sure you program your DVRs accordingly).

Though Battlestar Galactica gained a cult following with its original 1970s creation, Ronald D. Moore’s modern reimagining has redefined science fiction for our time. It’s not a show about aliens and photo torpedoes. It’s about humanity’s struggle to survive when a massive Cylon attack destroys the majority of the human population.

In the recent Battlestar Galactica retrospective that first aired Monday, Moore said that in the middle of writing the series finale, he realized what the show was really about. He walked into the writers’ room and wrote, “It’s about the characters, stupid” on the white board.

The series finale will hopefully deliver on that level and provide closure for fans who have followed the adventures of Admiral William Adama, President Laura Roslin, and the rest of the fleet. The finale promises one final mission for the Galactica as the crew goes after Hera and has one last confrontation with the Cylons.