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Katee Sackhoff: 'Break My Knee Again, Please'

Source: SyFy Portal

Rumors around the Internet are that Katee Sackhoff will leave "Battlestar Galactica," and the character she plays, Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, may die. A new interview in Dreamwatch magazine neither confirms nor denies these rumors, but she does share her thoughts about working on the series and its success.

"I didn’t think we’d go past the miniseries," Sackhoff told the magazine in what appears to be its final issue, as reported by Sci-Fi Pulse. "I’m extremely lucky that I am allowed to do my hobby on a daily basis as my job. It is the thing I love to do more than anything in the world, but I don’t think my brain can wrap around the magnitude of what this is, how much success is behind it, and how much people love the show."

For her, as a woman who grew up in Oregon, she calls the entire experience on the hit SciFi Channel show "very surreal," and there are aspects of her job that she really looks forward to, like the toys.

"All I know is as soon as I get an action figure, that’s what everyone is getting for Christmas," Sackhoff said. "I might wallpaper my wall with the comic books."

While Sackhoff says that the writers continue to surprise and challenge her, the one aspect that she is very critical of is Kara's tendency to bed hop, which reminds her more of a soap opera plot than something found in science-fiction.

"I've called it '90210 in space,' and a soap opera, which is completely the opposite of what [showrunner] Ron Moore actually said at one point that we are not doing '90210 in space,'" the actress said. "I’ve sat down and watched soap operas with my mother and they are extremely entertaining, but these women sleep with every single man and love every single man. I just thought, 'It is a soap opera! It makes complete sense!'"

Sackhoff also talks about how she hates with a passion any scene where she has to spend an extended amount of time in the cockpit of a viper.

"I despise them. It is very uncomfortable in that tight space," she said. "All of a sudden, you're claustrophobic, you're hot and sweaty, and then you're cold, you have to pee, you need water, but you can't drink it because you'll have to pee again! You’re like, 'Break my knee again, please.' That was the best thing that happened to me in Season 1."

Sackhoff addresses the Season 2 episode, "Scar," in which Kara and rival fighter pilot Kat (Luciana Carro), spent most of the episode in the viper cockpits.

"'Scar' was really tough. It was all those scenes of technical mumbo jumbo so Luciana and I decided to add it all together and do it as one big long scene," Sackhoff said. "We were in and out of the vipers all day long. It is exhausting."

Whether these remarks indicate a motivation to leave BSG or are merely honest accounts of what it's like to work on the show is unknown. The rumors of her leaving were fueled when Sackhoff reportedly told the "Cort and Fatboy" show on radio station KUFO-FM in Portland that she was leaving the show, but wouldn't say if her character will actually die. Still, as Michael Ausiello of TV Guide conjectured, “If you ask me, this whole thing carries with it the stench of a highly coordinated foiler. I mean, Ron Moore would be out of his frakkin' mind to deep-six Starbuck, right?"

While it has been teased that a major character will die, there has been no announcement or confirmation that it will be Starbuck from any of the folks at "Battlestar Galactica" or SciFi Channel.

"Battlestar Galactica" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on SciFi Channel.


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