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Source: Tachyon TV

Featuring the vocal stylings of Cylon Dion

The producers of Battlestar Galactica have seized upon the recent renewal for a fourth series by announcing their most ambitious and surprising project yet - BSG: The Musical. Provisionally opening on Broadway in June 2008, the all-singing, all-dancing spectacular hopes to follow in the footsteps of such unlikely spin-off musical successes as The Producers, Spamalot and Stargate on Ice: The Sequel. Musical director Ron Moore is tight-lipped, but Tachyon TV can confirm that the show will be a condensed version of the television narrative, and that existing pop songs will be adapted lyrically for the show. The following tunes are already in the can:

* 'My Heart Will Go On (As Long As I'm in Range of A Resurrection Ship)'
* 'Tigh Your Motherfracker Down'
* 'Les Miserable Frackers'
* 'The Hills of Caprica Are Alive with the Sound of Nuclear Explosions'
* 'Helo, Is It Me You're Looking For...?'
* 'I Lost My Heart To A Colonial Trooper'
* 'Viper at the Gates of Dawn'
* 'Billy, Don't Be A Hero'

In addition to these break-out pop-hits Adama will growl his way through 'Wanderin' Battlestar' ("I'm in command, of a wanderin' Battlestar/ I'm in sole command of a wanderin' Battlestar/ Cylons try to shoot me, think I'm gonna crack/ I've never seen a Base Star that didn't look better lookin' back...").

Adama will also sing a heartfelt love song to President Roslin ('Tell Laura I Love Her') and Colonel Tigh will serenade his dead wife Ellen with 'Don't It Make My Brown Eye Blue'. Meanwhile, Baltar is set to croon a medley of tracks - 'You Were Always In My Mind'. 'I Can't Get You Out Of My Head' and 'Lady in Red' - to Number 6, while 'Boom-Bang-a-Boomer' is set to bring the house down when when Sharon shoots Adama at point blank range.

Moore has confirmed that the musical has lost none of the parent show's edge: "We are warning patrons that the first 16 rows may be covered in entrails".

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