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Battlestar Galactica: Origins

Source: Newsarama

Following up on Battlestar Galactica: Zarek, which told of Tom Zarek’s early days, Dynamite will delve into the history of Gaius Baltar in November in the opening arc of Battlestar Galactica: Origins.

The series is something new for the publisher – an ongoing which will feature arcs centered on the early days of the Galactica’s crew and those who threaten her.

“We’ve had writers and creators working on Galactica stories for the last year, originally as a collection of mini-series,” said Joe Rybandt, Dynamite Editorial. “As they came together, we had a thought internally about creating a new series – Origins – and placing them within - all to serve as a companion to our current ongoing, Season Zero by Brandon Jerwa and Jackson Herbert.”

Given that Battlestar Galactica is a licensed property, and these stories being told haven’t been shown in the television series, where do these stories and their component elements come from?
“These stories have been developed over the last couple of years, while the show itself was developing its own backstory, so we combine what we know from the show and work in advance with the producers to fill in areas that they’re not exploring,” Rybandt said, adding who the targets of the series will be from the start. “We could tell stories for years on each and every cast member as there are so many rich characters, but to start, we’re focusing on the heavy hitters: Baltar and Six, Adama and Starbuck. We also have an event from the origins of the Galactica universe we’re focusing on, and that’s the first Cylon War, that may be folded into the Origins series, or may be an origins mini-series, that’s being decided now. As for the first arc, Baltar’s story is the key to the Galactica we know today. It was him that set the stage for the Cylon Apocalypse and he’s a truly fascinating character. Throw in his relationship with the Cylon model Six and you’ve got a no-brainer to start.”

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