Sunday, October 7

Universal Says No to 'Battlestar Galactica: Razor' on HD DVD

Source: Hi Def Digest
Despite persistent rumors to the contrary, Universal reiterated yesterday that it will not be bringing the 'Battlestar Galactica' telefilm 'Razor' to HD DVD this year.

As was previously reported, Universal delighted 'Galactica' fans when it announced back in August that it was bringing 'Battlestar Galactica: Season One' to HD DVD December 4, in an extensive box set overflowing with bonus features.

Since then, there have been persistent rumors that the Season One box set would be accompanied by an HD DVD release for the telefilm 'Battlestar Galactica: Razor.' Although the studio has denied these reports before, several retail listings have popped in recent weeks -- most notably at -- that fanned the flames yet again.

Hoping against hope that perhaps the studio had indeed changed its mind, we contacted Universal regarding the recent retail listings. Alas, the studio says that the retail listings are incorrect and that there is no currently-planned HD DVD release for 'Razor.'

On the bright side, the studio isn't ruling out a future HD DVD release for 'Razor,' either as a stand-alone title or as part of a future 'Season Four' box set. Needless to say, we'll keep you posted...

In the meantime, you'll find complete disc details for the HD DVD release of 'Battlestar Galactica: Season One' linked from our HD DVD Release Schedule, where it is indexed under December 4.

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