Saturday, June 21

It's Friday and there's no Galactica. What will we do?!

Get ready for many, many Friday nights of having to find something better to do than sit in front of television to watch Battlestar Galactica. You could always dig into your past-season DVDs to reminisce on what's happened before ("and will happen again?") or simply watch BSG online. There's also the unimaginable: spending time with friends and loved ones, stepping out of the house or, gods forbid, getting some extra sleep.

While we all think of what to do with that extra hour we have every week, let's go over a few things going on since last week's mid-season finale.

Ron D. Moore is once again quite behind on his podcasts. The official site shows the latest published podcast as 'Faith', though the link there is broken and it does not appear in my iTunes subscription. I'll continue to post "recaps" of the podcasts as they come out (and as I make time to listen to them). In the meantime, you can catch up on what I've already recapped or go give them a listen for yourself.

Many commenters believe that the devastated planet we saw at the end of the 'Revelations' episode was not Earth. The letter I received from Jane Espenson gave this theory more support, as did a recent interview ComicMix did with Mark Verheiden. In essence, nobody associated with the show is talking.

If you're familiar with how Ron Moore answers these sorts of questions, you'll know he'd most likely answer the question "is that Earth?" with a definitive answer of "yes" if it is, in fact, Earth.

What about the "dying leader" that was prophesied to never see Earth? Is the prophecy false? And could it be that Lee is that dying leader, now that he's acting president?

It looks like most signs are pointing to the commenters being right: that is not Earth the humans and Cylons landed on.

If that's not Earth, then what is it? Some commenters say it's "Terra," which, as far as I know, is just another name for Earth. Is it perhaps a colonized Mars, far in our future, which would account for the constellation matches?

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