Friday, June 13

No New Galactica Until 2009

SCI FI wants you to get your wait on.
by Travis Fickett

Source: IGN

Want to know who the final Cylon is? Do you want to know really, really badly? Well, punk, I have news for you: you have to wait until next frakking year. TV Guide is reporting that Executive Producer Ron Moore broke the news Wednesday night at a special screening in Los Angeles.

The series won't be returning until "the first of the year," he said. This is due to the realities of post production, as well as competition from new fall shows and sports. Perhaps understanding how this will play with the fans, Moore added, in what TV Guide refers to as an apologetic tone, "Realistically, there's no way to get back on the air faster." TV Guide also points out that Moore told them the final scenes of the series were being shot now. This gives the internet about 6 good months to leak the end of the show…

IGN TV's Eric Goldman was at the same event as TV Guide and spoke with NBC Universal exec Bonnie Hammer. "We don't have a locked in schedule yet," she said in response to the question of when the show will return. "We just know that it's always better to leave the fans just titillated a little bit, but it will definitely be back." Most fans will likely agree that titillated is one thing, and waiting until next year is something else entirely.

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Mike B. said...

SciFi, this is no way to run a show. What the heck are you thinking? That comment about it just be the way it works and it taking time to put the show together is total BS. It doesn't take that long to post-produce these episodes. In six months you can shoot and post-produce almost an entire season!

I never have understood the mindset of studio execs who juggle an existing hit show with nearly a cult following with new and untested fall shows that mostly get canceled.

Get with the program already! We already waited nearly a YEAR for the start of season 4. Now we have to wait almost as long for the second half of season four!