Tuesday, July 29

Battlestar Galactica - Comic-Con Report


After a log day of being in Hall H and Ballroom 20, things started to come to an end for the busiest day of the 'Con with the Battlestar Galactica panel. Basically, if didn't already have your arse planted in a seat in Ballroom 20 for that panel, you weren't getting to see BSG. I'm either completely dedicated to the coverage for TV Squad or a complete fanboy for the show. I submit that I'm likely both.

I'm not going to post the full, detailed report yet, as Sci Fi has told me we'll have embeddable video to show you soon (here it is on SciFI.com). Seriously, there's no way I can put to justice the funny job that Kevin Smith did as moderator -- you have to see and hear it for yourself. I will, however, submit to you the highlights for now.

In attendance: Tahmoh Penikett (he stuck around after the Dollhouse panel), Jamie Bamber, Tricia Helfer, James Callis, Michael Trucco, Katee Sackhoff, David Eick and Ronald D. Moore.

* Kevin Smith started things off saying that moderating the panel was his "consolation prize" for not being able to direct an episode of the show.
* We were shown a preview clip that will air soon on Sci Fi, which had clips from the remaining episodes. It looks like the crew will be on that devastated planet for a while, exploring it a bit more.
* Kevin Smith on BSG: "That show is so good it will get you pregnant."
* They wrapped the final episode three weeks ago.
* Smith said he thought when they were approaching the planet in the last episode, the people of Earth would unleash a hail of missiles at the Colonial fleet and the Galactica would start taking us all out. "Why don't you do something that cool?"
* Smith to Bamber on losing so much weight so quickly last season: "How do you lose weight that fast? Can you tell me?"
* The panelists were asked what they thought the most bad-ass moments of the show were. Smith said it was of the Galactica dropping into the atmosphere of New Caprica: "It was dope. I came." Jamie Bamber: "End of season 3, the pullback to reveal Earth." Trucco: "When I came on the show ... actually, when the ship dropped into New Caprica" Sackhoff: "When Galactica fires canons." and when she was firing guns for one episode and the armorer said 'we're completely out of ammo'." Helfer: "I got to shoot some guns (in the final episodes)." Callis: "When Adama and Tigh are together and Adama says 'are the people on this particular ship still eating paper? Tigh replies 'No. Paper shortage.' It highlighted how desperate things really were, and the two had to just laugh at the sheer atrocity of it all." -- Callis also gets to shoot guns with Tricia at the end. Moore: "When Baltar put his head on the desk, then picks it up and the caption says 'one year later.'" Eick: "When Starbuck and Six beat the crap out of each other at the end of season one."
* An attendee asked Sackhoff if she wanted to be the final Cylon. Kevin Smith looked to her and asked: "Are you the final Cylon? Come on, f*ck these dudes. You're done! Tell us! They can't fire you!" She said she did not want to be a Cylon, as she didn't want to do the double-duty of changing outfits, changing from one person to the next, so she just made Starbuck a more complex and crazy character.

There were jokes-a-plenty about who the final Cylon is (Moore did note that "it's someone we've seen before"), but other than that there wasn't any new information given. Hopefully I can get the video up for you all soon, as that itself is a real treat.

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