Monday, July 21


Source: IFmagazine

LOCATION: Space, the final frontier

THE SKINNY: David Howe, President of SCI FI Channel revealed today that the rest of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA's final season will debut January 2009.

Big announcement and we can't wait.

Other news revealed:

SCI FI will be expanding their successful Saturday Night original movies to include Sunday night, adding 12 additional movies to their slate of 24 from Saturday.

"We will air a massive 36 original movies in 2009," says Howe.

Two new reality series are also on tap - ESTATE OF PANIC where "contestants battle their worst fears in a haunted house" and CASH OR CAPTURE which is essentially "a real life video game come to life with a sci fi twist."

Mark Stern, Executive Vice President of Original Programming also added that they've greenlit a series called SOUL EVIDENCE starring Allison Debuois who was the real-life inspiration for MEDIUM. In the reality series, she will lead a team of investigators to solve cold case murders. RELIC QUEST where producer/director Bruce Burgess searches for the greatest relics in history from around the globe. And ESCAPE, where three contestants are locked in a room where there is no exit in a reality-take on the cult hit horror movie CUBE.

Other big news is SCI FI is reteaming with Bryan Singer after THE TRIANGLE to produce a brand-new, action-adventure mini-series based on an original idea by Singer. It will be written by famed sci-fi writer Richard C. Matheson.

Another new scripted series is WHAT IF? about a comet which triggers the second ice age.

There are three back-dour pilots as well including the CAPRICA prequel, WAREHOUSE 13 about FBI agents promoted to a facility holding the most sacred supernatural objects of all time and REVOLUTION which Howe describes as "THE PATRIOT in space" following a U.S. Colony "fighting a hostile colony in space."

The biggest news on CAPRICA, Stern reveals that even though it's a backdoor pilot, it may not air as a movie first.

"We’ll take liberty of [looking at the series] over the next two weeks and then decide it whether to hold it and make it part of a full blown series or air it first as a two-hour movie," says Stern.

What that means -- if the show is good, they see a viable option, expect an announcement of ordering it as a series, before it gets a chance to air as a TV movie.

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