Thursday, August 7

Cylons Will Scramble in Battlestar Special

Source: Wired

The Cylons had a plan, but they blew it when they failed to completely exterminate the human race with their sneak attack.

That's the gist of a just-announced two-hour Battlestar Galactica "special event," which will air in 2009 after the series' hotly anticipated final episodes.

The story will be set prior to the Cylon nuke attack that kicked off the re-imagined series, and will focus on Cylon Number One (aka the supercreepy Cavil, played by Dean Stockwell), resistance leader Sam Anders (Michael Trucco) and Chief Galen Tyrol (Aaron Douglas).

Those cast members have been confirmed, with more announcements due soon, according to the Sci Fi Channel press release.

Series star Edward James Olmos (who plays Adm. William Adama, pictured center) will direct the two-hour Galactica special, which will focus on the struggles of sleeper Cylons and human survivors on the Galactica and the rest of the ragtag fleet after the devastating Cylon blitz.

Galactica co-executive producer Jane Espenson will pen the script for the special, which is scheduled to begin shooting in Vancouver, British Columbia, at summer's end. Like 2007's Razor extended episode, the as-yet-unnamed movie-length special will be released quickly on DVD after it is aired. The final 10 Galactica episodes (some of them supersized) will air in 2009.

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