Saturday, August 23

Galactica's Final Season Won't All Be On TV

Source: I09

When Battlestar Galactica makes its long-awaited comeback next year, it won't just be our television screens that it's returning to. In a recent interview, executive producer David Eick revealed that fans can expect more The Resistance-style minisodes, as well.
Talking to Newsarama, Eick admitted that webisodes are definitely part of the plan for Battlestar's final season:
Yes, we are doing webisodes but when they are premiering I am not positive. Like the webisodes we have done before, they will continue on the story threads that don’t make the cut. I don’t want to give too much away but they are going to follow the same paradigm as we’ve done before.
That paradigm would presumably be The Resistance, the 2006 online-only 10-part lead-in to Galactica's third season, and the Razor "flashbacks" that trailed last year's one-off movie. Does this mean that you'll only get the full story behind why this has all happened before and will all happen again if we tune in online?


Lorraine & Andy said...

That's really completely unfair to the average view. My father was loyal to TOS and now, in his elder years, has begun to go blind. He won't be able to see the webisodes. That is really sad.

FKIProfessor said...

As long as they include the webisodes on the DVD release for season 4.5 I think viewers should be okay. Speaking of which, I hope they release 4.0 to DVD in the US sooner than first predicted. The UK gets it in October, but the last rumor I heard was that the US won't get 4.0 until December.