Monday, October 20

Bamber and Callis direct Season 4 webisodes

Source: galacticasitrep

We fans paying close attention have known about the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA season 4 webisodes for a few months now. Mo Ryan confirmed this week that this new set of webisodes will bridge the 4.0 and 4.5 episodes. No airdates for the webisodes or 4.5 has yet been announced.

Now comes news from Jamie Bamber that he and James Callis will be directing the webisodes, which begin shooting in the next month.

While speaking on the live internet radio show TV Talk with Shaun OMac this past Friday, Bamber mentioned that he and Callis are each directing 5 of the 10 web shorts. He also covers his feelings on the "pressure-cooker environment" on the battlestar, Lee in season 4, performing with Mary McDonnell this year, that infamous Towel Scene, what is going on with TV drama right now, and a film he's hoping to do called MINEVILLE. (Bamber's interview starts 18 minutes into the program.)

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