Monday, October 20

Edward James Olmos Says Final Galactica Episodes Are Devastating

The latest issue of Starburst magazine, just out in the UK, features a new interview with Battlestar Galactica star Edward James Olmos and here are excerpts courtesy of Sci Fi Pulse.

"The main challenge for me this year when playing Adama has been the emotional stability of the character," Olmos told the magazine. "It's been a difficult journey for all these characters, and towards the end there doesn't seem to be too much hope left, so everyone is very distressed. I mean, it's really no different than any other season we've had on Galactica, but there are some moments this year when our people are quite desperate."

"I have to tell you that the last 10 episodes we've done have been mind - boggling. And after a scene we shot last Friday, it's been a downhill spiral and really bad for these characters. It's not a healthy trip. I can only hope that as a Human species living on this planet, we never have to go through this. May our lives never imitate art, because it would be a horrific journey for all of us. Just watching this story on TV you think, ‘Oh, my God,' and believe me, the second half of this season is devastating for all those involved."

The original report can be found at Sci Fi Pulse.

The full article can be found on the latest issue of Starburst Magazine, now on sale.

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