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Moore And Eick Talk About Caprica And The End Of Battlestar Galactica

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Battlestar Galactica masterminds Ron Moore and David Eick were kind enough to participate in a conference call with us today to discuss the second half of the final season of BSG. While we don’t have the full transcript available just yet, we do have a few details about what was discussed to share with you.

We won’t have to wait until the final episode to learn who the final Cylon is. From what Moore and Eick said, the “answers” to the various questions will be spaced out over the final ten episodes. So they’re not saving all of the goodies ‘til the very end and this includes the big Final Cylon reveal.

As for the ending of the series, while both Eick and Moore were naturally pretty tight-lipped about that, they did say that the end of the series isn’t really open-ended and that, “The vast majority of the questions will have been answered.”

And speaking of the ending, the last episode is actually three hour-long parts. Meaning that the tenth and final episode is really the length of three episodes. That’s how I interpreted what Moore and Eick said anyway. They didn’t seem sure as to exactly how the final three-parter would air (whether all in one night or broken up). Sci Fi is still playing around with the actual air schedule. There will be at least one showing of all three of them together.

When asked how they decided who the final five Cylons were, Ron Moore joked that, “David has a dart board…” The serious answer was that they figured out the final four in the writers room when they were struggling with the end of season 3. As for the Final Cylon: “We kind of had a good idea going into the last season who the final Cylon was but we were willing to sort of look at other candidates to see who it could be and which would make the most sense of the mythology and ultimately we stuck with the original choice because it just made the most sense in terms of the history of the show and what it means for the characters.”

As for Caprica, they said that Non-Battlestar Galactica fans should be able to follow the Caprica pilot without knowing anything about BSG. Also, Caprica is a different feel, style and mood than what we’ve seen in Battlestar Galactica.

We’ll post the full transcript of the interview once it’s made available

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