Thursday, February 19

Battlestar Galactica - Deadlock

Source: TV Blend

After last week’s information packed episode, which even Ron Moore admitted was extremely heavy on explanation and exposition, I think I need a slight reprieve. I appreciate that Moore and his team have set out to answer everything. During his podcast last week he told fans that the plan is to have everything answered dealing with BSG so that no mysteries transfer over to Caprica, which will have its own mysteries and plotline.

We have a sneak peek clip of tomorrow night’s episode of BSG entitled “Deadlock.” Watch as Six shows that she can use her legs for more than looking good or wrapping around men. The end is nigh for the great ship, as you could clearly see from all of the stress cracks last week. Watch Battlestar with us at 10pm EST on Sci Fi each Friday.


Nar said...

Personally, I’d rather the writers spend the last episodes giving us some more mythical revelations and cleaning up the messy details than playing soap opera with Tigh and his blondes.

Hey, at least we know the bar has a piano now!

Here are my thoughts on the episode:

So say we all!

Russell said...

Cmon let the battle between Galactica and Cavil begin.
We all know its coming and since the mutiny things have slowed a bit.

vern said...

i am very happy that will reveal all the mysteries and now it will be good to watch battlestar galactica now and with this information more and more fans will watch it to know truths hidden so far

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