Friday, February 13

Tricia Helfer To Guest Star On Chuck

Source: TV Blend

Remember in Battlestar Galactica when Six used sex to distract Gaius Baltar long enough to get the security access she needed to help the other Cylons start the apocalypse? As if we could forget. Well it looks like Tricia Helfer’s about to take on a similar role in an upcoming episode of NBC’s Chuck.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Helfer is going to guest star on Chuck for one episode, which is set to air on March 30th. The Battlestar Galactica hottie is set to play a special agent whose mission is to pose as a stripper and distract Chuck’s future brother-in-law “Captain Awesome” so that she can steal his hospital key card. Is Captain Awesome as gullible (or horny) as Gaius Baltar was? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’m betting on not. Helfer’s hot but something tells me Awesome is just too awesome to fall for it. If he does, let’s hope Chuck’s around to stop whatever Helfer’s character is planning on doing once she gets that key card.

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