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Katee Sackhoff Dishes on 'Battlestar' and 'Bionic'

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November 8 -- 'Battlestar Galactica' fans who are patiently waiting for the April 2008 premiere of the show's fourth -- and final -- season, get a bit of a treat this month with the two-hour 'Galactica' movie 'Razor,' which, according to star Katee Sackhoff, offers a little glimpse into how the whole show will end.

Sackhoff tells AOL TV's Kimberly Potts about her hopes for how Starbuck will go out, her other strong female role on NBC's 'Bionic Woman,' possibly meeting her biggest fan (Dwight Schrute, of course) and how she took a stand for her hair in the show's last season.

Hey Katee. Are you still at work today, or is the writers' strike giving you some downtime?
I haven't been affected at all, yet. I'm working regularly.

That's cool. Especially since you're on two shows, the odds were pretty good that you might be off for a while, right?
Yeah, exactly. I think both ('Bionic Woman' and 'Battlestar Galactica') will probably go on a little hiatus for awhile, but it's all right. A little early Christmas vacation

Are you working on both shows right now?
No, I'm only working on 'Battlestar' at the moment, and just waitin' for 'Bionic Woman' to write me in again.

Cool. So, about 'Battlestar' ... Starbuck's alive!
(Laughing). Well, maybe. Don't worry though, she's definitely on the show. We don't really know what she is.

Do you know? Or is the storyline still a mystery to you, too?
I don't even know. We're shooting episode 13 right now. It seems like it's her, but that's about as much as I know.

What's happening with Starbuck in 'Razor,' the 'Galactica' movie?
Basically, not that much. 'Razor' is all about the Pegasus, and Starbuck gets sent out on a mission that some of the crew from the Pegasus are on, as well. She definitely goes out on a mission, but it's just (as) support for the Pegasus crew.

So is the movie more of a standalone episode, or does it figure into the rest of the season?
There's definitely some information at the very end. People will get a little insight into the end of the series, if they watch it all the way through to the end, for sure.

You're shooting the final season now ... are you ready for it to be over?
Yeah, I'm definitely ready for it to be over. I think that it's such a smart decision that they made. It allows an audience to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. And it's nice to be able to do it on our terms and not have had the rug pulled out from underneath us. To go out on a high note when the show is still getting the ratings that it was getting in the beginning is such a smart thing to do, as well. But yeah, I'm ready to go back to Los Angeles and be home for a while.

Is there anything you really want to have happen for Starbuck in the final season or the final episode?
Basically what I said to them from the very beginning of this season was, just please don't have Starbuck end up happy. I don't want them to wrap this series up, and you know, put it in that pretty little box with the bow on it. I just don't think it's realistic. I don't want a warm, fuzzy feeling for Starbuck at the end.

On to your other kick-butt character this season, has it been fun playing more of a bad girl on 'Bionic Woman'?
Yeah, you know, I keep saying that. It was a welcome change, because I'm so used to playing the whiny, sniveling, reluctant hero. (Starbuck) may be tough, but she cries the entire time. So I was definitely ready to go play a character who isn't as emotional.

There have also been rumors for more than a year now that you would guest star on 'The Office,' because we know that Starbuck is Dwight Schrute's fantasy girl. Any truth to those rumors?
I believe there was truth to that rumor for a while there. I haven't heard anything about it for about a year, so I have no idea what is happening with it now.

And speaking of Starbuck fans, what's it like to attend a 'Battlestar Galactica' convention?
It's intense. I do like going to conventions. I like to sit and listen to what the fans have to say about the shows. It's just, you know, as soon as I leave, I can't be around people for like six hours. I think after the last one, my boyfriend and I went out to dinner, and we're sitting on the patio where there were people in the tables next to me and we had to get up and leave. I just can't be around people right (afterwards), because I feel like I've had all my energy sucked out of me and I'm just done. I need to go back to the room and drink some champagne and watch a movie on pay-per-view. So, yeah, it's intense, but I continue to do 'em, which means I obviously get something out of it I like.

You also have a thriller with Nathan Fillion coming up on DVD in January, 'White Noise 2.' What kind of character do you play?
I play a character named Sherry, who is a nurse, and she has her life saved by Nathan Fillion's character. That was, I think, the most fun I've ever had on a job. It was an extremely fun experience working with Nathan, who's really, really funny. And it's a really good movie. Plus, I met my boyfriend on the job, so that's good.

Yeah, so I got that out of the deal.

Is he an actor in the movie also?
No, he wasn't. He was involved in the production of it.

I know there's no way you can spill anything major about season four of 'Battlestar,' but how would you describe the overall vibe of the final season? Is it as dark as season three?
Season four will be, I think, even more intense than season three. I think that there is a definite sadness surrounding this season, and it's playing out on screen. There's a lot of wrapping up to be done, and a lot of interesting things happening ... to actually find out if we will find Earth, and if we do find Earth, who's actually going to live to see it? Not everybody's going to make it.

One more thing: Now that the show's ending, are you going to grow your back out?
My hair is really long now. It's past my shoulders. Very long.

Cool, so longer for the new season.
Yes, Starbuck's on a different path.

Ah, is that a hint about the character at all? Does that figure into the storyline?
No, not at all. That's just me wanting to not cut my hair. (Laughing). I think they were gonna have to strap me down -- like duct tape meet to a chair -- to get me to cut my hair again, 'cause it wasn't going to happen.

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