Wednesday, November 28

Sackhoff Done with “Bionic Woman”

Source: Slice of SciFi

The NBC show “Bionic Woman” had one good thing going for it — Katee Sackhoff. But, that may be about to end, which could spell the end of BW.

At a recent Battlestar Galactica CON Sackhoff indicated that her days on the Bionic show as Sarah Corvus, a recurring character and nemesis of Jamie Sommers (Michelle Ryan), could soon be over. Both TVGuide and IGN have picked up on those statements by the actress and are reporting that she is done with the series.

Apparently Sackhoff had a meeting with one of the producers some time after the Thanksgiving holiday “but does not expect to return to the show even if it does resume production” following the current Writers Guild strike, according to IGN.

While no official reason is being given by Sackhoff for her supposed departure, some are speculating that there may be bad chemistry between her and lead star Michelle Ryan. If that is true, then whether Ryan will ever admit it or not, she just put herself out of a job, because everyone else on that show, especially Sackhoff, were the ones carrying it.

Tonight’s episode may well be the final one of the season. With slipping ratings and the possible departure of Katee, it’s not likely the “Bionic Woman” will be able to muster up enough strength to finish out season one, much less get picked up for a second.

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Victor Pencak said...

I love Katee Sackhoff! She is doing a great work in Bionic Woman and shouldn't quit the show.. It's one of my favorite series now.
Have you seen her interview on TV Guide's?
Let's make a petition online! :D