Thursday, November 15

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I wanted to start blogging during the strike, but it seemed inappropriate to use the site for that purpose, so I’ve spent the better part of the afternoon learning how to use the handy-dandy iWeb tool on my computer. Nothing too fancy yet, just some basic stuff to make sure this is actually working and that I actually know what the frak I’m doing.

A quick update on the strike: the BSG writing staff has been on the picket lines for two weeks now and morale is pretty high. We’re at the Barham gate to Universal Studios on the morning shift M-F this week (6:00 am to 10:00 am) and we’re getting a lot of response from passing cars -- lotta honking, sorry those of you living at Oakwood apts.

There’s a BSG convention this weekend in Burbank, and there’s been a lot of rumors out there about people from the con coming down to the picket lines. Just a few things on this subject for now: First of all, the rumored “3,000 fans” appearing on the line are a complete fabrication. I doubt the entire convention attendance will be that high. Second, the convention organizer is in no way coordinating this with WGA or anyone else. Third, the pickets are only in force M-F and this Friday will be ending at 1:00pm. Fourth, if anyone wants to come and show their support for the writers and our cause, they are more than welcome.

For more details on how you can support the show and the strike, as well as picketing this Friday, go to:

Mrs. Ron & MexiChick (the handles for my wife Terry and the significant other of writer Bradley Thompson) will be coordinating things from there.

I’ll have more to say on these subjects later. Now I have to retreat back to my study of the arcane facts of webhosting.

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