Friday, December 21

Actor Injured in Car Accident

Source: Buddy TV

Michael Trucco, who plays lovelorn Sam Anders on the Sci Fi Channel series, was recently involved in something scarier than any battle with the Cylons: a serious car accident. On December 2, Trucco was a passenger in a Ferrari that overturned after the driver lost control on a curve and went down an embankment. The driver walked away unharmed, but the roof of the car had crumpled, fracturing four of Trucco's vertebrae.

The good news is that Trucco is now out of the hospital and expected to make a full recovery. In a message posted on his official board, he explained the situation and thanked fans for their support:

"It's been a crazy week and a half to say the least. The paramedics on the scene that tended to me first said I was lucky to even be alive, let alone be able to pull myself outta the damn thing. The roof completely collapsed on the passenger side. I knew the second we rolled over and crashed down hard on the asphalt that something was seriously wrong with my neck. Then somehow I managed to crawl out on the driver's side after my friend got out and get to the side of the highway and lay down. From there I made a couple of calls and waited for the ambulance with my friend and about a dozen or so other motorists who pulled over to help. From there I was taken down the road to a waiting helicopter ready to take me to UCLA Trauma Center. It got progressively more frightening from that point on as the seriousness of what just happened started to set in."

While in the hospital, doctors were able to fuse Trucco's C-6 and C-7 vertebrae to his C-5 vertebrae. They told him he was lucky to be alive, and especially lucky not to be paralyzed, as his injury is very similar to that which crippled actor Christopher Reeve. Trucco will have to remain in a neck brace for about six weeks, but after that he should be fine.

Battlestar Galactica is not currently filming due to the writers' strike, so Trucco's injury will have no effect on production of the series.

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Ace said...

Hey man,
I was in a truck that flipped 3 different ways at the same time when it jumped the guardrail about 2 1/2 yrs. ago;like you,I should have been killed on the spot. Since then I've learned to respect God's hand on my life to the point of stiving to create a life that both my mom (She passed in March '07.) and God can be proud of. I had issues with just seeing moving pictures of that type of truck on T.V. for a little while,though I'm prety much over that trauma now.
Be strong;I know (PERSONALLY)that it's a far shot from easy,but you will come through it by going on with life;not letting it (the accident,pain,etc.)stop you from being yourself (just more careful).

God's love FOR US is the GREAT MIRACLE!!!

A Friend,Ace malone