Monday, December 10

'Trek' and 'Galactica' Fans at Odds over WGA Strike

Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica fans are taking different sides of the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike -- akin to a democrat vs. republican debate (only with spaceships).

Galactica fans take the pro-labor side, often coming up with creative ways to show support for the picketing writers.

But, the ever-loyal Trekkers take more of a pro-management stance because they feel the strike threatens the eagerly awaited Star Trek 11 flick. The Trek loyalists fear the strike will prevent J.J. Abrams from producing the best film he can envision because rewrites are currently "illegal."

I think it's safe to assume that Abrams ad his cast can manage an on-set improvisation to save a scene without the Writers Guild firing its photon torpedos. But, as this clip shows, next summer's Batman sequel, Dark Knight, could've used the attention of the striking writers before it was too late.

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