Monday, May 12

Anatomy of a cylon

Source: Darth Mojo

It’s no secret that I’m the biggest fan of the original Battlestar currently working on the new incarnation; you could almost say I’m the “ambassador” of the 1979 version, always looking for opportunities to include classic Galactica material on the current series. It was maybe two years ago that I was talking to [writer/producer] David Weddle and hypothesized, “you know, if we ever did a flashback to the first Cylon war (maybe something that showed us what Adama was like as a young pilot), it would showcase the original hardware! Remember the miniseries museum scene?” He thought about it for a second and said, “yeah, I suppose you’re right.”

Of course, a flashback like that would be a wet dream for any fan of the original series, but would it ever happen?

Eighteen months later, Mr. Weddle came up to me in commissary and said, “Mojo, you’re going to get your wish.”

Anyone who’s seen Razor, (the BSG DVD project made between seasons three and four), knows exactly what he was talking about. Not only were we going to get a huge, all-out battle between original series spaceships, it was decided to go for broke and give the fans what they’ve really wanted to see - old school Cylons.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, those chrome-plated, sword-wielding, skirt-wearing, “by your command” shouting robots were returning - and the visual effects team were going to make damn sure they came back ready to kick ass, take names and blow up the list of names.

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