Wednesday, May 28

Cylons run Windows XP

Source:The Inquirer

THE FATE of the robotic race, the Cylons, in Battlestar Galactica, has been thrown into doubt after it has been revealed that the base ships are still using Windows XP.

A sharp eyed Gizmodo reader has found that if you look at the latest episode of the television show at minute 9:26 in episode 7, Guess What's Coming to Dinner? you can clearly see a Windows XP dialogue box on one of the screens.

Although we cannot see what the dialogue box says, we guess it might be saying something like "error message 283836 hybrid disconnected".

It is not clear why the Cylons have refused to update to Vista. We cannot think that a base ship would care about licensing problems, so we can only assume that the toasters are waiting for the next version of Windows to come out.

While your average Cylon might not notice a difference between XP and Vista, Microsoft moves to assure us that they might be unaware of the 'security issues' involved in not upgrading. However as any Six will tell you, if you are launching a nuclear strike on a colony the last thing you want is a pop-up screen asking you if you are sure you are want to fire your weapons everytime you pull the fracking trigger.

The Galactica of course uses pre-windows technology. In an early episode it was revealed that the ship only survived because the Cylons could not hack into its networks because there was no wi-fi connection.

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