Sunday, May 11

Bear Mc Creary's BG Roxy Concert Footage on G4!

Source: Bear McCreary's Blog is running exclusive concert footage of the recent Music of Battlestar Galactica at the Roxy Theatre! It features interviews with myself, singers Brendan McCreary and Raya Yarbrough, and our MC for the evening, Kandyse “Dualla” McClure. You’ll also hear clips from our performances of Fight Night and Roslin and Adama.

If this segment gets enough clicks, they’re ready to run FULL MUSIC VIDEOS of those two songs, so pass that url to your buddies!

And check out the absolutely stunning photographs from both concerts, as well as a full band rehearsal, from the lens of Andrew Craig, who does amazing work. These are some of the best pictures of our band ever taken:

We are in the process of putting together a video of the complete concert and the documentary we premiered. Fear not. You will all get a chance to see this thing. I don’t know how yet… maybe I can convince Universal to include it on the Season 4 DVD, maybe we’ll release it online, maybe I’ll burn DVDs myself and leave them at bus-stops. But, it will get out there, I promise!

In all seriousness, though… some enthusiastic noise from the fan community will really help get this concert footage on the Season 4 DVD. So, if you want to see this, help out by drumming up some support online.

Click this link to see all there is Bear McCreary's Blog

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