Thursday, July 12

Battlestar Galactica Looks Pretty Frakkin' Good

Source: Wired Blog Network

By Susan Arendt

Battlestar Galactica for XBLA puts you in the cockpit of a Colonial Viper and bids you good hunting, nuggets. Based loosely on the show (meaning it uses the same characters and universe but doesn't adopt any key plot points), the single-player game is 10 levels of space combat. You fly, you blow toasters out of the sky, you head home.

Up to eight players can square play Team Battles or Deathmatches on the 360; up to 16 can put their flying skills to the test on the PC. The combat was solid and the graphics were surprisingly good, especially for an Arcade title. The Cylon AI was pretty smart, too, responding to both visual cues (i.e., you flew by them) and actual attacks.

Battlestar Galactica will be 800 points when it's released sometime this Fall (not sure just when yet, it depends on when the show's new season starts on Sci Fi). As for downloadable content in the future, such as new missions or game modes, they "can't officially announce that yet," nudge nudge, wink wink.