Sunday, July 1

Hogan Not Thrilled about Double Life

Source: SyFy Portal

For Grace Park, playing a Cylon has been an amazing experience. But for the patriot Col. Saul Tigh, suddenly becoming part of the enemy hasn't been received with open arms.

Michael Hogan, who plays Tigh in "Battlestar Galactica," told reporters at SciFi Channel's digital press tour Tuesday that if it were up to him, Tigh would not have been revealed as one of the Final Five Cylons in the third season finale.

"I'm not happy about being a Cylon at all," Hogan told reporters at the event. "I'm not imagining that anyone who were picked to be Cylons are. The scripts that we have so far are great, but the only way that I can deal with it is as a human being, and so far that's [what my character] has had to do."

While he might not necessarily agree with the direction executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick have taken Tigh, Hogan still says that it's very easy to talk to the showrunners, and the actors still have a strong avenue of being heard whenever they have concerns about anything.

"They have always been incredibly open as far as I'm concerned, for suggestions and ideas," Hogan said. "They will listen to you if you have an argument."

Aaron Douglas, who plays fan-favorite Chief Tyrol on the series, said he also had a difficult time accepting Galactica's "everyman" to be a Cylon ... but it was something he did eventually embrace.

"I found out months in advance, accidentally," Douglas said. "I found a piece of paper lying around that I was not supposed to read."

The paper, apparently, mentioned Tyrol being a Cylon, and was something that producer Michael Rymer was trying to keep quiet. When it became official, at least to the actors, on who would be revealed as part of the Final Five, Douglas said he had a very long conversation with Moore to express his concerns about turning Tyrol into a Cylon.

"I had felt it was really marginalizing him," Douglas said about his character. "It was taking away all the human stuff. Ron spoke to me for an hour-and-a-half and explained the whys and wherefores. I've [since] embraced it, and now I don't mind going down in history as one of the Cylon gods."

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