Saturday, July 28

Bionic Woman Preview on line.

NBC has provided a preview of the new Bionic Woman featuring our very own Katee Sackoff. Click Here to check it out

Katee Sackhoff has decided to stay with NBC's The Bionic Woman. The actress was apparently about to walk away from a recurring role on the show, but has changed her mind. Sackhoff has apparently signed a last minute deal to appear in future episodes.

Sackhoff appeared in the pilot as evil bionic woman Sarah, nemesis to lead character Jamie Sommner, played by Michelle Ryan. Even though Sackhoff had been included in all of the promotional material for The Bionic Woman, the actress and the studio could not agree on a deal.

That all seems to have changed. An agreement has been reached, and she will continue to play the lead villain on the new series. The Bionic Woman premiers September 26th at 9:00 pm.

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