Wednesday, July 4

Exclusive Interview: Mark Sheppard, from 'Battlestar Galactica'

Source: Buddy TV

Over the years, Mark Sheppard has developed quite a resume of memorable television characters: Bob the Caretaker (The X-Files), Badger (Firefly), Dr. Charles Walker (Medium), Ivan Erwich (24) and the aptly-named Chameleon (Special Unit 2). But his most recent work as Romo Lampkin on Battlestar Galactica has broadened his fan base in ways even he could not have imagined. As Gaius Baltar’s attorney in the climactic last three episodes of season three, Sheppard was dropped into a cauldron of simmering emotions and intense plot lines all coming to a head – yet he still feels compelled to compare Romo to someone as normal as Oliver, Eddie Albert’s character on Green Acres.

This week, Mark talked with BuddyTV, discussing at great length and in great depth his Battlestar Galactica character, Romo Lampkin. The full mp3 can be found by following the Buddy TV link

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