Saturday, September 22

Anal BSG fans get Razor DVD art corrected

Source: TV Squad

Sci Fi Channel has corrected an error that die hard fans of Battlestar Galactica pointed out in the DVD art for the upcoming movie. Here's the deal: the TV movie is a stand-alone episode that documents what happened to the Battlestar Pegasus after the Cylon war broke out. Sci Fi held a contest for fans to choose the DVD art for the upcoming movie, called Razor. But the seal on the front of the winning DVD art has an error. It had the number "75," which is Galactica's number, rather than Pegasus' number "62." Fans pressed to have the seal changed and it will be correct when the DVD comes out on December 4th.

In other BSG news, the Caprica series may not be dead afterall. According to this report, Sci Fi execs have renewed interest in the BSG spin-off. They've finally realized that a spin-off might keep the passionate BSG crowd coming back to the Sci Fi Channel. They're reportedly waiting to see how ratings go for Razor before giving the Caprica pilot a greenlight.

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