Saturday, September 29

Battlestar Galactica Minimates Back For More!

Source: Diamond Select Toys

With the second series of Battlestar Galactica Minimates on stores shelves and the third wave due in stores later this year, we’re extremely pleased to reveal the next pint-sized BSG release! The fourth wave of space-faring Minimates will include the highly anticipated President Laura Roslin & Tom Zarek, Lieutenant Gaeta & Specialist Cally, Doc Cottle & Dr. Baltar as well as the limited Miniseries Baltar variant!

Battlestar Galactica premiered as a mini-series in 2003 to rave reviews from both critics and fans of the classic property, setting viewership records for the SciFi Channel. Leaving much of traditional science fiction behind, the new Battlestar Galactica instead focuses on character-driven conflicts and the series’ epic storytelling style as viewers follow the triumphs and hardships of both the humans aboard the Colonial Fleet and the Cylons bent on following them to Earth.

Battlestar Galactica returns to the small screen this November with the premiere of the extended telefilm Battlestar Galactica: Razor and begins its fourth season this February. Look for our first series of Battlestar Galactica action figures due in stores this fall and don’t forget to pre-order the DST-exclusive Chief Tyrol figure and Blue Dress Six Bust!

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