Monday, September 24

'Battlestar Galactica' gets a Visitor

Source: The Watcher

Nana Visitor will have a prominent guest role on the sixth episode of the new season of "Battlestar Galactica." Season 4 is expected to begin airing some time in early 2008.

Visitor is a longtime TV veteran who may be best known for her role as Kira Nerys in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”

“Battlestar Galactica” executive producer Ronald D. Moore wrote for “Deep Space Nine” for several years, as did “Battlestar Galactica” supervising producers Michael Taylor, David Weddle and Bradley Thompson. (“Deep Space Nine” is by far my favorite slice of the “Trek” franchise, by the way.)

According to Moore, Visitor’s character is “another cancer patient named Emily who's being treated in sick bay.She gets Laura [Roslin’s] attention because she insists on listening to Baltar's wireless broadcasts every day, much to Laura's annoyance. The two women connect and bond over their treatment regimens, and explore the nature of mortality and questions of life after death. She's in ‘Faith,’ the sixth episode” of Season 4.

The episode was written by Seamus Kevin Fahey and was directed by Michael Nankin. And Visitor’s casting came about via her “DS9” connections.

“When David Weddle saw the script, Nana was the first person he thought of,” Thompson said in an e-mail. “He ran the idea immediately by Ron, who thought she'd be great. And she was.”

“She has some amazing scenes with Mary [McDonnell, who plays Roslin],” Thompson added.

In other “Battlestar Galactica” casting news, actress Leela Savasta will appear several episodes of Season 4. She’ll play a character called Tracey Anne, who is a member of Baltar's cult following.

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