Thursday, September 27

Villain rules 'Bionic Woman'

Source: Home News Tribune

Things I liked about "Bionic Woman":

Katee Sackhoff, who chewed up the scenery as villainous Sarah Corvus, the "original" bionic woman.

Ummm... that's pretty much it. Which is disappointing, since the show is supposed to be about Jaime Sommers.

Unfortunately, I wasn't nearly as interested in Jaime (Michelle Ryan) as I was in Sarah.

Throughout last night's premiere, I found it difficult to focus on Jaime's plight (awakening from a debilitating car crash - caused by Sarah - to discover two legs, one arm, an eye and an ear have been replaced by bionic parts). Why? Because I kept hoping Sarah would make another appearance.

I was also distracted by Ryan, who reminds me a lot of a young Linda Hamilton in the original "Terminator" movie. Which makes sense, because the show felt like "Terminator" to me (maybe it was Sarah driving that big rig right into Jaime's car).

But that's not the only classic sci-fi film "Bionic Woman" reminded me of. The scene in which Jaime is being interrogated by Bionic team member Ruth reminded me specifically of the scene in "Blade Runner" in which replicant Leon is being questioned by police. And then the showdown between Jaime and Sarah on the rooftop was totally borrowed from "The Matrix" trilogy.

Sure, all of these movies are great, and it's cool that a TV show wants to incorporate these elements. But none of that's going to matter if the storylines aren't strong and if you keep hoping that the real leading lady (which Sackhoff clearly is) will take over the show.

Heck, it is possible to build a successful show around a bloodthirsty character who's a killer. Just look at Showtime's "Dexter."

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