Thursday, August 3

BSG Season 2.5 Extras Announced

Source: TVShows on DVD

Universal has just released menus for the BSG Season 2.5 boxed set to be released on September 19th, and they list the bonus materials which will be on the discs. Here they are: further images of the menu can be see by clicking the above link.

* Deleted Scenes from Resurrection Ship, Part 1;
* Audio Commentary for Extended Pegasus Episode with Moore & Eick;
* Deleted Scenes from Black Market, Scar, Sacrifice & Captain's Hand;
* Podcast Commentaries;
* David Eick's Videoblogs, including "The Magic of BSG," "Never Let the Inmates Run the Asylum," "Scenes from the Videoblog Floor," & "Sex, Lies, and a Videoblog";
* Deleted Scenes from Downloaded & Lay Down Your Burdens, Parts 1 & 2; and
* Eick's Videoblogs for "Episode 205, Day 2," "Episode 207, Day 4," and "On the Set of the 'New' Pegasus".

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