Friday, August 11

BSG to be paired with Dr. Who

Source: Chicago Tribune

It's official. The second season of British writer Russell T. Davies' take on "Doctor Who" will premiere on Sci Fi in next month.

I have exclusive confirmation of Season 2's start date: It begins airing on Sept. 29. So once "Battlestar Galactica" begins its third season Oct. 6, the two sci-fi shows will air together on Fridays.

From the network's Thursday press release: "Sci Fi Channel and BBC Worldwide Americas today announced a major licensing agreement for the second season of Doctor Who. The series will return to Sci Fi in September 2006, kicking off with a two-hour premiere that will include the 'Christmas Invasion' special in which David Tennant ('Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' ) was introduced as the tenth Time Lord.

"Billie Piper returns as the Doctor's feisty young companion, Rose Tyler, and together they will travel through time and space battling new and returning aliens and monsters."

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