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BSG Tech Blog and San Diego Comic-Con

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Hello fellow techies. At present, HNR is undergoing a bit of chaos. Pain is always a part of change, and during that time, the TECH BLOG will be somewhat intermittent. When HNR is done with it's upgrade, not only will it be quite the primo site, TECH BLOG entries will be a lot more regular. In fact, TECH BLOG #6 will be just a smattering of fairly brief topics. It'll be significantly less "Techie" than usual (mostly because I want to get this out the door before Dragon*Con, and I have a deadline on another writing project (a book chapter on the physics of the video game Halo for Ben Bella Books).

Speaking of Dragon*Con, for those who care I'll be doing five panels while there: three on Galactica, one on Eureka, and an overview of the science results from the Cassini/Huygens Mission to Saturn and Titan.

The BSG TECH BLOG and San Diego Comic-Con

Despite the fact that Eric Chu has been illustrating, and I've been writing, the TECH BLOG for over a year now, we'd never met until San Diego Comic-Con this past year.

I've done science panel discussions in the past, but it's only recently that I've been getting quite a few invitations to Science Fiction conventions, and have started doing Galactica-related panels. I've rapidly learned three very important things:

1. No matter how good the science is in a series, there's always somebody who'll point out that two minutes into Act III of the third episode of season one, something wasn't exactly perfect.

2. Always be diplomatic, especially because...

3. Everything you say can, and will, show up on somebody's blog. If you're really unfortunate, it may even show up on the Wikipedia.

I also leaned that people out there really DO read this thing! I received a lot of compliments and kind words at both San Diego Comic-Con and World Con. Thank you. Getting the science done well in Battlestar Galactica takes not only technical input, but a production team willing to listen. On Galactica we have both.

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