Friday, August 11

David Eick audio interview

Source: Comic News Insider

He's talking about:
- season 3
- his views - or lackthereof - of TOS and how he got involved with BSG
- the visual style of the series
- the podcasts
- the webisodes
- the creation of the end title cards where he and Ron Moore kill each other
No major spoilers ;)

They are specifically mentioning the out-of-focus and zoom special effects shots. But he doesn't credit "Firefly" for premiering that :(
I can't help but think that Zoic had a lot to do with that. Having a visible camera is a logical outgrowth of the real cinematography, but Zoic already had the experience to realize it in CGI as well

The Edited version containing only the David Eick Section can be found in the audio Lab at Galactica Station

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