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SFX interview-Grace Park

Source: SFX

"Before we begin frantically searching the battlestar set for a glass of ice water, Park describes what's in store for Valerii in season three - which begins four months after the cylon invasion of New Caprica "she's flying again. So you witness her being reinstated. I found out that I was married, too."

Reinstated? Married? Does this mean Adama has finally come to trust Valerii? "I think Adama trusts her. The President is still quite wary. Obviously Helo trusts her and they are a few of her long time friends that are perhaps happy she's back, but not necessarily openly sharing how they feel about that. Because there's almost dissent in the ranks now, which you'll start seeing a little bit later, that starts creating chaos...She's never completely trustworthy. I think like anyone, she tries her best but she's been tested so hard that sometimes she snaps and she's liable to do something that's probably not rational.

"I think season two definately saw a lot of trauma and catastrophe around Sharon. Every episode there was a new disaster and it didn;t seem like it was gonna let up. At the same time the storyline also changed. But just when you think you can trust her they (the writers) throw in something. I think they like to keep playing with the audience. And thats fun. I think that's part of the intrigue of her character.

Though Park praises Battlestar's entire cast - calling them "a damn good troupe" - she gives special credit to the man who play's Valerii's new husband Helo -actor Tahmoh Penikitt. "It's really rewarding working with Tahmoh, becuase he;s always growing and changing as an artist. And if i'm stuck he definately puts his two cents in and either laughs at me or gives me some good advice...

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