Wednesday, March 14

Battlestar Babe Tricia Helfer Guest Stars on Supernatural

Source: Movies Online
"Battlestar Galactica" star Tricia Helfer will be a guest star on this week’s episode of "Supernatural" entitled, "Roadkill." Helfer plays the seductive Number Six on "Galactica" but when she comes to the CW, she will be playing Molly, a woman who runs out in front of the Impala and drags the Winchester brothers into her paranormal ordeal. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, who play Dean and Sam Winchester have appeared opposite a lot of great guest stars in the show’s two seasons to date, and Helfer has to be one of the hottest actresses in the biz from one of today’s hottest sci-fi shows to enter the "Supernatural" guests gallery.

And why wouldn’t Helfer want to be on "Supernatural"? It’s one of the best sci-fi horror show on TV right now, and it is in fact one of the best sci-fi horror shows on TV in a very long time. The parallels to "The X-Files" cannot be more striking. Hell, even Cancer Man himself made a guest appearance in the first season on the episode called "Scarecrow" that aired at "Supernatural" night at last year’s William S. Paley Fest screening and panel at the Museum of Television and Radio. The event was a great honor, as have been the show’s guests. Linda Blair graced the episode "The Usual Suspects" with a lead guest starring role as the show pays constant homage to the influence of countless horror films along with all walks of unexplained lore.

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