Friday, March 23

`Battlestar' finale may put fans at crossroads

Source: Boston Herald

The Cylons are closer than you think.
For much of the season, fans of Sci Fi’s “Battlestar Galactica” have been teased with the notion that one of the five hidden Cylons would be revealed - as a member of the Galactica crew.
The third-season finale (Sunday at 10 p.m.) delivers on that premise and then some.
“Cliffhanger” is such an inadequate word to describe the episode.
Cries of “Holy frak!” will arise from fans all over the country after the final moments air. The “Battlestar” universe will never be the same after the revelations in “Crossroads Part II.”

Some fans will be jazzed for the new season. Others will accuse the show of jumping the shark. But no other TV show on any other network has shown such a willingness to both surprise its viewers and rip apart its own formula in such a challenging, creative way. Ronald D. Moore, executive producer/writer, refuses to take the easy route and let his cast or his viewers get comfortable.
Baltar’s (James Callis) trial takes a shocking twist. President Roslin (Mary McDonnell) has a strange dream that reveals her subconscious is linked to those of Cylons Sharon (Grace Park) and Number Six (Tricia Helfer). Several crew members are haunted by a strange melody that only they can hear.
The fleet is attacked by Cylon ships. At a crucial moment, Lee (Jamie Bamber) becomes separated from the rest of his squad and encounters hope from the most unexpected source.
I’ve already said too much. There are spoilers on other Web sites that give away every detail of this episode. Please avoid them. Give yourself the chance to enjoy “Crossroads Part II” as it was meant to be. Allow yourself the pleasure of being genuinely surprised.
There are far too many shows on the air that are capable of doing that. “Battlestar” is one of the few that delivers and one of the best.
Sci Fi announced yesterday that it has picked up “Battlestar” for a full 22 episodes, to begin airing in January. In addition, an original two-hour “Battlestar” film will air in the fall, to help bridge the wait between seasons. While the entire cast is expected to appear, it is unclear at this time whether it will pick up from Sunday’s finale or tell a stand-alone tale. My bet is it will be some sort of prequel.
When “Battlestar” returns, it will be a new show, with some incredible stories to tell. This is one viewer who cannot wait.
“Battlestar Galactica” Season finale Sunday at 10 p.m. on Sci Fi -- Grade: A

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