Tuesday, March 27

Season Three on DVD in August?

Source: Slice of SciFi

On his blog, “Battlestar Galactica,” composer Brear McCreary tells fans the show’s third season will be out on DVD in August 2007.

McCreary says the release date will coincide with a third-season soundtrack release.

This news has not been confirmed by any official sources from NBC Universal, nor are we aware of any extras that may or may not be on the releases. It’s assumed (based on previous releases) the Ron Moore podcasts will be included as commentaries as well as the webisodes that led up to season three. Other potential extras could include the deleted scenes shown on SciFi’s web site, producer David Eick’s video blogs and the blooper reel that made its round on YouTube.

Maybe this will help the long wait for new “Battlestar” as we all ponder the revleations from the final moments on Sunday night’s finale episode.

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