Wednesday, March 14

Kara-less Conversations

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I know this was another quiet episode, and some might argue that it was "filler" before the big two-part finale/trial of Gaius Baltar, but I really liked it. It had sort of a Shakespearean quality to it with the whole father vs son showdown. It was like the elder Adama was simultaneously trying to protect his only remaining offspring from danger by grounding him, all while blaming Apollo for being the death of Starbuck because he was the one who let her fly when she wasn't up for it. Somehow, by keeping Apollo grounded because he was clearly still grieving and calling Racetrack by Starbuck's name, that made up for that. Instead, Adama put his son right in the thick of the messy "celebrity" trial, and on the opposite end of it. Loved the last scene between father and son, when Lee calls his father on wanting him to be the family's military legacy instead of pursuing the law. How appropriate was it that the admiral was picked to serve on the tribunal?

Lampkin totally knew what strings to pull to get Apollo to be his puppet. He seemed to somehow sense the underlying resentment that Apollo has having for the military life foisted upon him, and his still grieving state. Maybe that is just because I don't trust Lampkin. I'm still not sure what was up with the glasses and why he took them off when he was talking to Caprica Six. Was he removing them to show that he was being honest with her, and truly sharing some emotions? Did he steal those, too, from someone before Roslin? I didn't dwell too much on Lampkin and his thieving ways because I was just so happy to see Six again. I've missed her and her conflicted Cylon qualities.

Emotions were running truly high, especially around Cylons, in the wake of Starbuck's death and on the eve of Baltar's trial. And plow guy, er, sorry, Kelly, started trying to off the Cylon defense team by setting detonators on vipers and at Lampkin's door. I understand with Cally's anti-Cylon sentiment that Athena jumped to conclusions that she was the one planting the bombs (in the bonus scene), but instead it was a mostly anonymous flight crewman who took complete responsibility and basically sentenced himself to death, telling Apollo that he was unwilling to reform his ways.

That sort of tension is one of the things that this show really does well. Building up these situations with acts of terror brings up the need for a justice system even in these times of war, instead of just letting there be martial law. You really get a sense of what it would be like to be on board one of these ships, trying to decide whether to follow Baltar and the words that he speaks in his missive, or to side with the preexisting government that kept the pre-Cylon society running. Each week I feel conflicted about what I believe is right, and what is wrong, and with Baltar's trial heating up, that feeling is probably about to get significantly worse.

Lastly, tonight, though Kara wasn't around and it was two weeks after her death, the impact of her loss was felt throughout the ship. Adama remembered her through her commendations and disciplinary warnings as well as her quirky sense of humor. I loved that picture of her with the fake mustache. She truly was the closest thing Adama had to a daughter. Lee finally worked up the nerve to put Kara's picture on the wall where she had previously requested, as well as the aforementioned flub when addressing his flight crew. Poor Sam got so drunk that he fell off of a viper and broke his leg. With the uncertain way that they left their relationship, guilt and anger is probably weighing pretty heavily on him as well. I liked the simple way that Lee and Sam put aside their differences at the mourners' wall. Not really accepting her absence and not providing a shoulder for each other to cry on, just a simple "I'll see you around."

I've seen the final two episodes of the season, you won't get any spoilers from me (in fact, I tried extra hard not to even speculate much!), but let's just say, they are pretty frakking great. Well, that's if they don't cut too much. My favorite scene from tonight's episode ended up as the bonus scene at the end of the episode, the face-off between Cally and Athena.

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