Thursday, July 27

Battlestar Galactica lands in Kamloops

Source : Kamloops this week

With Filming of the new series under way , Battlestar Galactica will used Kamloops as a filming location for a up and comming episode of the third season. It is seen as a coup by the city " This is a coup for us as television series seldom film outside Vancouver, or they film very close to it because each episode is on a very tight budget" added the Mayor Terry Lake. Mr Lake went onto discuss the types of location that the show might use for the episode backdrop "Our desert look and the city’s infrastructure continues to be a significant enticement to the film industry.” The show will hire local crew and extras , "And with more than 80 crew members staying in the city while they build sets and film the episode, the economic impact is estimated at $100,000. " this shows the direct impact Battlestar Galactica can have on local economies.

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