Wednesday, July 26

Rocket Man

Source : Out Magazine

Now that Battlestar Galactica has won over gay sci-fi fans with its gender-blind universe, will the cult hit put gays in space? Jamie Bamber, one of the show’s stars, is ready.
Matthew Breen from out magazine talked to the British Sci fi star Jamie Bamber about life on the show .
David Eick also added his imput to the article , he also talked in depth about the how Sexuality is protrayed on one the Sci Fi channels lead shows. On the topic of gay or Lesbian storylines Eick added " “As we evolve through the series and get further away from that cataclysm, we may feel like it’s less of a stretch to start showing people getting involved with each other. Who’s to say who won’t turn out gay?”
Jamie Bamber’s character, who begins the season married and 30 pounds heavier (thanks to prosthetic makeup), will no doubt return to his fighting form in no time. But Eick issues a warning: “It is a war show first and foremost. The audience should never get too attached to any single character because you never know when they may not be around anymore.”

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