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KATEE SACKHOFF, who plays fighter jock Kara "Starbuck" Thrace on SCI FI Channel's original series Battlestar Galactica, told SCI FI Wire that her character is in for a rough time - and a new haircut - in the show's upcoming third season. Speaking from the set of her new film, White Noise 2; The Light, Sackhoff said: "I just lost a huge battle with the producers as to my hair and what lenght it should and should not be." (Sackhoff's blond hair was streaked with bright red for her role in the supernatural horror sequel.) "So it's going to be gone. Shorter than it was in the miniseries."

Sackhoff said to look for a big change in the fifth episode of the upcoming third season, after four episodes that promise to test the already - battered Starbuck to her limits. "She goes through a lot of turmoil in the first four episodes." she said. "More than we've ever seen [from] her. The depths of despair she finds herself in are pretty deep at the end of episode four. And she kind of reestablishes her commitment to the military in episode five which is the haircut."

Also look for a new love interest for Starbuck in the new season, though Sackhoff remained coy about whether the new relationship will survive those first four episodes. "There is another man that comes into her life." she said. "It's very unlikely man. Everyone is going to be so livid over it."

Sackhoff is doing a string of movies when not shooting Galactica. She said that the workload helps her. "There's three ovelap days on Battlestar and nights on White Noise. I'm thinking that I might get like, two hours of sleep a night. But that's OK, because the scenes are very intense. I called my agent, and I was like , "I'm going to win an Emmy." I'm going to be so good those days, they're going to be saying . "Hey this girl can act."

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